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to touch the infinite


2001 by Kurt Lancaster  

summer twilight



ship of the dead

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To Touch the Infinite

written and directed by Kurt Lancaster

These letters reveal the quest of a young woman on a journey of wonder, tears, and triumph as she searches for her missing brother and learns what it means to be human in a universe that tries to take everything away from her. 

One day, while on a secret mission, Jared Richmond disappears after exploring the Aquila Rift. He is presumed dead. His sister, Jessica, leaves the Space Academy and looks for him, attempting to find hope for herself as well as for her niece, Katie.

On her journey, Jessica learns about the importance of responsibility while fighting a despair of loneliness. In order to keep her grasp on sanity, she lives on the memories of her past loves and her family. In the end, she discovers what she is looking for, but not in the form she expected.

Jessica: a young woman in search for her missing brother, Jared. Katie's aunt.

Katie: Jessica's niece. Wants adventure and hopes her aunt will find her father.

Capt. Sanjanon: Captain of the Antares.  Hires Katie as a crew member.

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Jared: Jessica's brother and Katie's father. Went missing during an expedition. Presumed dead.

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1. The Feel of Gravity

2. To Taste the Ocean Air

3. The Rolling of the Waves

4. To Touch a Rose


5. Falling Towards Jupiter

6. The Song of Jacob

7. Dancing in the Light of Vega

8. A Letter in the Dark


9. A Signal in the Noise

10. Into the Crystalline Sphere

11. Music at the Core

12. The Birth of a New Star