Letters from Orion

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to touch the infinite


©2001 by Kurt Lancaster  

summer twilight


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ship of the dead


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During a renaissance age of space exploration, diplomats, dancers, explorers, ship captains, and their families are populating a new frontier. They communicate with those back home by transmitting video letters across the vast distances of space. 

This site contains some of of these messages, letters revealing the loneliness, revelations, mundanity, and wonder of humans trying to cope with a new way of life on the galactic frontier.

  • “This is a very personalised, even emotionalised, future, its characters' soul-searchings and self-shaped quests dominant. ... Some of the poetic language is very beautiful; the transcendental vision is a wonderful set piece; and there are, almost in passing, ideas and concepts that provoke much thought.”

    –Steve Sneyd, The Zone

  • “Powerful. Letters from Orion combines complex scripts and emotionally demanding performances. A site that thinks creatively about the distinctive properties of the web as a storytelling medium.” 
    –Henry Jenkins,  MIT

  • "We really liked the writing style. ... a very interesting narrative." –DFILM

  • "... a character-based story, whose participants spend as much time talking about their own personal regrets as they do facing the challenges of their shared quest. ... a decent job representing the frontier as a place of physical and emotional isolation." --Science Fiction Weekly